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- Our heart belongs to the beloved pets -

Pets & owners- feel welcome here at Mietzsweets, home of luxurious and exclusive kitten and pet play accessoiries.
We are offering an outstanding combination of glamourous designs and highest quality for your play fantasies, including adorable ears, beautiful collars & cuffs, elegant neck corsets- and more... All the best for lovely or even naughty pets.


Quality made in Germany.



Your pet deserves the best. We offer the best.
Glamourous and unique accessoiries, hand made and hand embroidered, using velvet, satin, crystals, pearls... and all our love and passion for pet play.
All our materials are carfully chosen to combine beautiful "kitty glam"designs  with durability and safety.


Every pet is special, with a unique character and a unique style. We support individuality by creating accessoiries to make your pet looking beautiful in its own way.
Each of our items is one-of-a-kind,  we don't produce it twice, so we make sure that your chosen pet play gear is especially for you.


Our pets and customers derserve our full respect. Creating handmade items is our way to show our respect. We design and check every ear, collar and acccessoiry carefully and work with love and passion to make your pet play gear special.
We combine in our handmade accessoiries high detail and high quality.

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