Beyond  Heaven...

The Black Emerald

"Do not fear to die,
fear  that you will never start to live."

(Marcus Aurelius)





Inspired by the beautiful masks of the
Carnival of Venice and the romantic melancholia
behind the masquerade, the Black Emerald Headpiece was created to give a tribute to the realm
between life and death.

Unveil the dark jewel...

The headpiece includes three parts: the mask, the veil and of course the pair of cat ears.
Every part can be worn single or together, it is a "modular" design, which allows combinations with many gothic and dark Lolita fashion outfits.

The mask is completely handpainted and adorned with laces and rhinestones, every piece added by hand.
Ears and veil are embroidered, decorated with victorian styled cameos, organza roses and black crystals. The ears are made of beautiful deep emerald green velvet. The colours inspired us to name it "Black Emerald".
As the flower of immortal love, roses can be found in every detail of the headpiece.

The set is completed by a grey neck corset. The extraordinary fabric we used takes the theme of the dark roses by a 3D- velvet print and black lace.

Written in the Book of Existence...

"Is my name written in the Book of Existence?
Will I get my place in heaven when my final day comes?
And will be there a chance of rebirth to meet all those again which are left behind?"