I am Nature's Spirit of Winter...

The Icefox- Queen

"Kindness is like snow -
it beautifies everyting it coveres."
Kahlil Gibran


Fascinated by ancient legends of the magical spirits of winter and the beautiful white animal spirits from fairytales and myths, we created a winterfox headpiece which captures the enchanted mood of the winter.

Realizing Winter Magic

The headpiece with it's whole embroidery is completely handmade. Fine velvet "meets" satin, pearls, crystals and
vintage lace elements.

It is fixed with an alice band in the wig/ at the head.
Of course I used fake fur at the inner side of the ears.

Photoshooting in an enchanted realm...

"I am the spirit of winter... my cold kiss coveres the whole world with ice and snow, glimmering like diamonds... my gift to the world is a frozen ocean of sparkling crystals...
But without me there is no spring and no rebirth of life."

The Kitsune/ magical fox is a mythological creature, which can be found in asian, north american and european legends. The white fox is seen as a messenger of the goddess Inari, "mother of fertility" and new life.
Myths around the world are declaring white animals as guides to the higher knowledge.
The fox fairies in asian tales are described as beautiful females in human form, who can be very kind, but also can get very angry. So winter is the perfect example for this... it is cold and the world is frozen, but winter is also beautiful and needed in nature's life cycle.