Sweets for pets

Baby Kitten Line

You are new to Petplay and want to make first experiences? Need your first equipment?
Then try out our Baby Kitty Line for starting up.

Kawaii Kitten Line

For lovely and SPOILED pets- discover our Kawaii Kitten Line- cute and lovely designs for little goddesses/ gods.

Naughty Kitten Line


Your pet is naughty? Or are you a "bad pet" yourself? Maybe you need discipline equipment and a leash to show who is the master? Click here to find the right gear.

Gentleman  Line

Especially for our lovely tomcats we offer unique designs to turn you into the perfect "gentleman catboy" to impress everyone.

Special Projects

Luxurious Designs

Best of the best - our luxurious designs. Using only the finest materials combined with mastership in embroidery and millinery, we create amazing animal headpieces and neck corsets for show, event, photoshooting and exclusive fantasies.
Get in touch with a mysterious and glamourous world...

Cosplay inspired Designs

Special designs inspired by movie, anime, comic and music. These projects are non- commercial artworks and not for sale.

Mythological Designs


Our mythological designs are inspired by cat and animal myths around the world. Ancient gods/ godesses and spiritual creatures from another world and fantastic realms.
Similar to the luxurious designs our mythological headpieces, chokers and corsets are created as masterpieces of embroidery and design to bring gods and goddesses to live.