What is  Kitten Play?

Definitively more than "dressing up as a cat"...


There are so much ways of pet play as there are players in this world.
Because everyone is special.
This description defines our way to see it and to support it.

The cat has always been a symbol of beauty, elegance, sexyness... and was also related to the world of secrets, mysteries and magic.
A cat is never really submissive, but has a big heart and much love to give to the owner. In a cat's mind you can find both: pride and independence at one side, devotion and loyality at the other. Sometimes they are seducing their owners with charming attitude, but showing claws in the next moment and sometimes they are beloved little brats.
To get in kitten play means entering this world and find new ways of relationsships.

To give you a look into the world of the charming & adorable pets, we give answers to the most asked questions in the following Q& A.


Kitten Play Q&A

Which kinds of kitten are existing?

Although every kitten player has an own interpretation of being a cat, in our opinion the following "categories" can be listed: 

  • "Classical" kitten: Imitation of the real animal behaviour and "acting like a cat", including playing with typical toys, communicating with cat sounds and body language; and maybe using a bowl for eating. Usually this has nothing to do with erotic or sexual fantasies, the relationship between the kitten and the owner is defined by caring for a pet.
  • "Little one" kitten: Little ones (age players, "adult" children) usually love cute costumes like every child. Why not be a kitty today?
  • "Fashion" kitten:  In most cases known from the manga/ comic/ japanese cultural influence, the "neko style" has turned kitten play gear to fashionable items. This style can be worn in many versions, some of them cute and lovely, some prefer a more sexy style. "Fashion" kitten can be kitten players or wear it just for fun.
    ("neko" - japanese for "cat")
  • "Cosplay" kitten: A range of characters from anime/ manga/ comic stories are semi- human or animal hybrids with cat ears. Kitten play gear is an essential part in the art of COStume PLAY to transform into the favourite character.
  • "Sexy" kitten: Since the cat became a symbol of elegance and beauty, there are also erotic fantasies with "cat girls", usually beautiful "hybrids" with ears, a collar and furry tails. Sexy kitten can be submissive or show dominance. Important is to know that this fantasy has NOTHING to do with the abuse of real animals. In this case the gear is a costume to support the symbolism of the cat.

Is kitten play a part of BDSM?

BDSM includes Submission and Dominance. Using this definition, kitten play/ pet play is also a part of it. 

In general, BDSM should not be judged as "whips and leather" and "obey to master", there is a wide range of fantasies and ways to play. A pet's submission is a result of trust in a caring and responsible owner, and this trust and respect must be earned.

Are all kitten female?

There are female and also male kitten (tomcats), and even crossdressed kitten.

Does a kitten need an owner?

It depends on the question "Does the cat WANT an owner?". 
Classical kitten usually have an owner oder caregiver, especially if the played age is very young. The owner cares and loves the kitten, interacting with this person is an essential part of the play.
Sexy kitten can have a master/ owner, but this kind of kitten can also be independent and sometimes "naughty cats", so this relationships are more defined by submission/ dominance.
In all cases the owner takes over responsibility for his kitten, and the bond between both is symbolized in the collar the owner gives to his kitten. This moment usually is a very important event in the live of both, sometimes with the significance of a marriage.

What is NOT kitten play?

Kitten play has NOTHING to do with the abuse of real animals. Even sexy kitten girls are HUMANS!